About Ormiston Academies Trust

Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT) is one of the largest not-for-profit multi-academy trusts in England. Multi-academy trusts are charities that run schools to give local children a great education. We educate 30,000 pupils across six English regions, in 32 secondary schools, seven primary schools and one special school. We are one of the longest established Trusts and have been sponsoring academies since 2009. Our mission is to become the Trust that makes the biggest difference, both inside and outside the classroom. When we think about what kind of difference we want to make, this is defined by our three core purposes, which are to teach and develop our pupils, while we effect change so that we can create schools where no one is disadvantaged.

We are a values-led organisation, and it is our aim that we continually challenge ourselves to adhere to the spirit of our values:

  • Anyone can excel: you don’t have to be exceptionally bright or naturally gifted in order to excel at something. We know hard work, determination and perseverance pay off.
  • Enjoy the challenge: just because something might be hard, it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. We know it’s okay to face setbacks too – they can make you stronger.
  • Share what is best: if you’ve done something or created something others would benefit from seeing or having, you should share it. We know our schools keep getting better when we all share what is best.
  • Be inclusive: every child and adult should respect and accept that difference is normal, that everyone should be welcomed and included.

Our very first school was sponsored by Ormiston Trust, a national charity formed in 1969. Ormiston Trust was founded with a view to improving the life chances of young people. This philanthropic principle informs all of our work and has been the foundation for the ongoing success achieved across our academy network.

Ormiston Trust continues to invest grant-funding in our schools in many areas.

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We are dedicated to enriching the lives of our pupils, to broaden their horizons, raise aspirations, develop their social, emotional and life skills and encourage a love of learning. Our enrichment mission is for all of our schools to engage and inspire pupils through a varied, impactful and sustainable enrichment programme. We want our children to have “a brilliant journey” as part of the experience at OAT, which is supported by an enrichment programme that is embedded within and complements curriculum delivery and enables pupils to develop their social, emotional and life skills (SELS):

  • Self-management and resilience – being responsible for your decisions, actions and emotions, keeping positive and striving to achieve your ambitions and being able to pick yourself up after disappointment or set back and carry on.
  • Confidence – having belief in yourself, others and the situation you are in.
  • Curiosity and exploration – being interested and taking action to find out more.
  • Empathy – being able to put yourself in someone else’s situation and understand their feelings and thoughts.
  • Preparing for adulthood – developing skills and knowledge which will aid the transition from being a child to being an adult.
  • Sense of justice, fairness and charity – being fair and reasonable and being able to recognise and act on just behaviour or treatment. Being willing to support others in need.
  • Creativity – being able to go beyond traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, and create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods and interpretations.
  • Communication – being able to listen to and talk/write well for and with others.
  • Fun and play – being able to have fun and take enjoyment from life.
  • Open-minded – being open to considering new ideas.
  • Healthy – being strong and well, both mentally and physically

Our focus on whole child development, is backed up by extensive research from across education, careers, industry and health. The research suggests that involvement with extracurricular and enrichment activities can boost life expectations, career prospects and wellbeing.

Therefore, we must not only stay focused on raising educational standards, but also provide our pupils with opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills, talent and character, as well as providing appropriate access to pathways and signposting for our pupils and their families

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